The Sun rises in the East !
Looking for your poems

For our anthology of eastern and southeastern European contemporary poetry, we are seeking new work, which is not yet translated into German. 

The Sun rises in the East !

For our anthology of of Eastern and Southeastern European contemporary poetry, we – the editors Ralf-Rainer Rygulla and I – are looking for poems from Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Transnistria, Turkey and Ukraine. This refers also to poets with roots in those countries.


Seeking new poetry

First of of all we are seeking new poetry, which is not yet translated into German (or may be written in German). On the other hand we also plan to include a selection of already translated poems which we collect from various existing publications.

In the past years Eastern and South European poets enjoy a growing interest here since its tone and apparent life experience differs very much from the posh artistry of German poetry.  


Will be published by Pop Verlag

The anthology will be published by Pop Verlag, Ludwigsburg and is planned to be released in spring of 2020.

We would be grateful for sending or mailing us a selection of your poems, preferably of course already translated into German, since unfortunately we are probably not in command of your mother tongue.

In order to release the anthology this year we would need the selection until November 2019.

We cannot say yet whether royalties can be paid. In any case they would correspond to the possibilities of a small publishing house, but of course the included authors will receive a copy of the anthology „Im Osten geht die Sonne auf“.


Editors & Publisher:

Ralf-Rainer Rygulla, *1943 in Katowice; Translator and publishing editor (März Verlag and Rowohlt Verlag), editor of Gummibaum – Hauszeitschrift für neue Dichtung (1969-1970) and of literary anthologies: FUCK YOU, Underground Poems (1967) and together with Rolf Dieter Brinkmann: ACID – Neue amerikanische Szene (1969), in the 80s musician (Moltostuhl) and songwriter (Die Qual der Belgier).

Marco Sagurna, *1961 in Wiesbaden; volunteer (Suhrkamp Theater-Verlag), newspaper editor, publisher and editor of GRÖSSENWAHN (1986-1990) and EISWASSER (1996-2002) as well as author of „TOO MUCH – das lange Leben des Rolf Dieter Brinkmann“ (together with Gunter Geduldig, 1994) and most recently author of the novel WARMIA (2018).

The Publisher:

POP Verlag


Please send your manuscripts or publications to

Ralf-Rainer Rygulla
Bleichstraße 44
60313 Frankfurt


or / and to

Marco Sagurna
Wilma-Conradi-Weg 6
30449 Hannover



We are very much looking forward to your contributions

Thank you and best regards

Ralf-Rainer Rygulla & Marco Sagurna